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Meet Our Team

We are a team of dedicated professionals, creating an atmosphere for coaches and sport enthusiasts.

Jim Emery   Adriana Borek   Brooke Johnson   Karan Wade-Hutton  
The Coaches Insider Team Manager   Newsletter / Website Builder   Newsletter Builder   Clell Wade Coaches Directory and
The Coaches Insider Owner
Jim Emery was involved in the creation of The Coaches Insider. Using his previous experience as a football coach for many years, he runs the newsletters for every sport on The Coaches Insider.   Adriana Borek started a few years ago working part time while in college. She now helps run the The Coaches Insider sport webpages and helps build the email newsletters.   Brooke Johnson, although fairly new, greatly assists in building the email newsletters for every TCI sport.   Karan is the daughter of Clell Wade, starter of Clell Wade Coaches Directory. She now owns the business and has created a new way for coaches to gain insight on their sport – The Coaches Insider!
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